Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Fellowship 2011

The People.......some of them, anyway;

Some sweet, some serious, some silly, some sweet and silly..............ALL SPECIAL!

Monday, February 14, 2011

SISTERLY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Valentines Fellowship after Sunday evening service was the first "event" of the year.  It turned out great!  These are some of the lovely ladies who helped make it a success.  

Michelle Minor did such a great job of decorating the tables and then helping with the setting up and cleaning up.  Thank you sooooooooooooo much, Michelle.    It was beautiful!

Shannon Lawson, as always, so willing to help do anything in the world she can to help.  Love you,  "Miss Blossom"!  Thanks!

Michelle's Tables looked like this.  Glad I got a picture before the  'crowd'  got there!  Lovely!

Another one of Michelle's creations.  She actually does the bulletin boards all the time for every thing!  Nice!  Notice how it goes with the theme of the year "We would see JESUS"!
More lovely deco! 

Michelle Coffman helping stir some pasta!

Michelle and Chrissy.  We were blessed with the help of Chrissy Watts, who was originally supposed to be away in another church with her husband.  The Lord knew we needed her!  She is always ready to help.  Thanks, Chrissy!
Debbie Jufer helping chop some salad.  Debbie is one of the best when it comes to kitchen help.  Thanks so much, Deb!  You're a jewel!
Robbie Shumate in action!  Robbie did a little bit of everything getting ready for this.  Here she's gettin some rolls in the oven.  Her husband, Jason,  also helped us out tremendously.  Thanks, Shus guys!

Not pictured is Mrs. Toni Griswold.  She did so much in preparing food for this event, and we can never thank her enough.  It was delicious!

Ok, so one event down and a bunch more to go!